Candlelight Romance (Package #4)

Light up your suite with romantic, soft and elegant candlelight.
$49.00+ Room Rate
Bed in Full Bloom Turn Down Service
  • 100 satin rose petals carefully placed on the linens
8 LED Candles

Imagine opening the door to your room or suite to find candles providing the most beautiful and romantic light imaginable. Our Candlelight Romance Package includes 8 flameless, LED tea candles. Best of all you can take the candles home with you as each flameless candle is battery powered and provides 45 hours of candlelight per battery. Our staff will place the eight candles anywhere you like in your room. Ideas include; around the bed, around the hot tub or spa tub or leading from the entry door to the bed. Additional candles can be purchased for just $3.50.

  • J. Roget Asti Spumante
Four Chocolate Truffles
  • Four Chocolate Truffles from Astor Chocolates