accepting APPLICATIONS from respectful, classy and mature AdUlts.

Prestige Club is a Private Club and membership is required to stay at Prestige Club destinations. Membership starts at just $30 and offers perks, privileges, and access to Prestige Club Destinations for a one year period. Membership fees do not automatically renew after one year and can be renewed on your first stay after your membership has expired. 

For over 40 years Prestige Club has provided our members with memorable experiences.  Our ability to continue that level of service relies on our members respecting the aspirations and goals of our club.  Prestige Club has never discriminated based on race, religion or sexual orientation but membership is not for everyone. 

Our members (and their guests)...
1) Treat others with thoughtfulness and respect
2) Carry themselves with a level of class and sophistication
3) Treat our rooms and contents with care
4) Don't alter their behavior by abusing alcohol or illegal substances

If you're a great fit for membership in Prestige Club, please apply. We're eager to WOW you. 
If you're not a great fit, we respectfully ask that you don't apply. 

Please note that application for membership takes a minimum of 24-hours for processing and reservations can not be booked until the membership approval process is complete. 



Prestige Club Requirements

All members must reside within a 40 mile radius of a Prestige Club property. No exceptions. 

All members and guests of Prestige Club must be 21 years of age or older. Prestige Club members AND their guests will be required to show ID upon request by staff. 

A drivers license is required (no other ID type accepted) to enroll in membership and must be presented upon check-in.  If you do not have a driver's license (not a photo of your driver's license, but an actual license), please DO NOT enroll in membership as you will be required to present it upon check-in. 

Members are allowed to have just ONE ORIGINAL GUEST (21 years of age or older) in their room or suite during their stay. Select stay types require that the member's one guest register at the front desk and present a government issued ID (driver's license, state ID or passport). We cater strictly to couples - no parties or gatherings, ever. Upon registration, you will be our guest staying on private property. If you break this policy you will be asked to leave immediately and your membership will be revoked.

All members must agree to abide by our House Rules, regulations, by-laws and privacy policies. They are in place for a reason.  Please READ them prior joining the club. You will be expected to KNOW them and more importantly, FOLLOW them upon arrival at Prestige Club Destination. For complete Rules & Regulations, By-laws and Privacy Policy please click here

  • Access to Prestige Club Destinations
  • Xpress Reservations
  • Birthday Favors
  • Prestige Club Reward Points


Access to Prestige Club Destinations
Exclusive access to AMBIANCE, Franklin Park, AURA, Midlothian & AXIS, Chicago.

Xpress Reservations
To make a reservation you’ll simply provide your Prestige Club membership number, arrival time and requested room type. Reservations can be made on-line at

Birthday Favors
Celebrate on your birthday at a Prestige Club location and receive 15% discount and complimentary bottle of Champagne placed in your room prior to your arrival.*
*Birthday discount is valid Sunday-Thursday.

Prestige Club Reward Points
10 Prestige Club Reward Points are earned for every dollar spent on room charges. Points can be redeemed for sultry amenities, a wide variety of beverages or a complimentary stay in any of our mind-blowing rooms and suites.***
**Reward points do not expire providing Membership in Prestige Club is kept current and membership dues have been paid. In the event that membership dues have lapsed for a period of time greater than 3 months, reward points can be reinstated at a cost of $0.0023 per point [cost equal to approximately 33% of the value of points for room redemption and 75% of the value of the points for redemption for items other than room rentals).

all the benefits of BRONZE Membership, plus:
  • Daytime Double Prestige Club Reward Points
  • Complimentary Champagne

Double Prestige Club Reward Points
Earn double Prestige Club Reward Points when checking in between the hours of 3:00 am and 2:00 pm.

Complimentary Champagne
Receive a complimentary bottle of champagne at every 5,000 point threshold.
*Subject to local laws and ordinances.

all the benefits of Bronze and SILVER Membership, plus:
  • Complimentary Accommodations on your Birthday

Complimentary Accommodations on your Birthday
Celebrate in style on your birthday with a $100 credit towards the rental of any room or suite!
*Must be redeemed on your date of birth, no exceptions. $100 credit can be applied towards the rental of any room or suite with 
a rate greater than $100. Subject to availability.

all the benefits of BRONZE, SILVER, & GOLD Membership, plus:
  • VIP Membership Accessory
  • Any Time, Any Day Discount
  • Guaranteed Room or Suite Availability
  • Referral Rewards

VIP Membership Accessory
Custom engraved Prestige Club VIP Membership Accessory.

Amy Time, Any Day Discount
15% Discount off Rooms & Suites.
*Maximum value of discount $30. Not valid on CRUSH or PULSE rooms. Based on availability. Black-out dates apply.

Guaranteed Room or Suite Availability
Guaranteed availability of a room or suite within one hour of requested arrival time.
*Room or suite type based on availability, with a check-in time within one hour before or after requested arrival time.

Referral Rewards
Refer a friend to Prestige Club and receive 5000 bonus Prestige Club Reward Points.
*Bonus points earned upon referral joining Prestige Club; paying membership fees; agreeing to Prestige Club rules, regulations and by-laws; and rental of any room or suite.

all the benefits of BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD, & PLATINUM Membership, plus:
  • Prestige Club Diamond Pendant
  • Complimentary Birthday Blow-Out Party for Two
  • Complimentary Beverages Upon Arrival
  • Complimentary Early Check-In & Late Check-Out
  • Double Prestige Club Membership Reward Points

Prestige Club Diamond Pendant
White gold Prestige Club pendant with black diamonds on a gold chain.

Complimentary Birthday Blow-Out Party for Two
Your birthday blow-out celebration will include limousine pick-up and transfer to any Prestige Club location, overnight accommodations in your choice of any room or suite, complimentary bottle of Dom Pérignon champagne, and 2 custom engraved champagne flutes.
*Limousine pick-up and drop-off must be within 40 miles of a Prestige Club destination.

4 Complimentary Luxe or Optimum Suite Rentals
Celebrate in style throughout the year with 4 complimentary overnight stays in a Luxe or Optimum Suite. Your suite will be carefully prepared for your arrival, including a complimentary bottle of Moët & Chandon champagne.
*4 Complimentary rentals valid within one year from date of membership enrollment or renewal.

Complimentary Beverages Upon Arrival
We will place your complimentary beverage of choice in your room or suite prior to your arrival.
*Up to a $10 value. Difference of actual expenditure and $10 credit will not be refunded.

Complimentary Early Check-In & Late Check-Out
Check-in as early as 2:00 pm and check-out as late as 2:00 pm at no additional charge.

Double Prestige Club Membership Reward Points
Earn double Prestige Club Reward Points for every dollar spent on room charges.